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      President Speech

      Dear valued friends and consumers:

      Welcome to visit Pangda Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. . Let’s enter into “Power Diversity”, know “Power Diversity” and share the joyance of the enterprise’s accomplishment and development together.

      For many years, we keep pace with the times, develop automobile sales service as main business and carry out extensive communication and cooperation with all social circles. The company establishes long-term and stable partner relationship with a hundred automobile manufactures and financial institutions in domestic and foreign countries successively. Within short period of a decade, the enterprise grows from small to hug, from weak to powerful and is among Top 500 Enterprises in China. The company walks out an extraordinary leap-forward development way.

      We always consider innovation as the exhaust power for enterprise development. In 1999, we cooperate with Bank of China, Tangshan Branch and initially creates automobile consumption credit—“Eastern Region of Hebei Province Mode” in Hebei Province and applies GPS (Global Positioning System) successfully to the risk precaution of automobile consumption credit and realizes scientific and effective venture prevention. The measure promotes multi-win-win for the enterprise, bank and customers which make the consumers realize the automobile dream today by spending in advance.

      Nowadays, our national automobile industry develops rapidly. We not only bear consumers’ trust and great expectation but also are left with the commission and expectation of many automobile manufactures in domestic and foreign countries. We will always keep along with the objective of “Be greater; be stronger and be longer”, carry forward the enterprise spirit of “Diligence, Strictness, Struggle and High Efficiency” energetically and move forward continually to strive for the lasting, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise and struggle for satisfying consumers’ demand and make greater contribution to the growth and progress of China automobile industry.

      Along with the rapid growth of information technology, network has become an important carrier for strengthening communication and outward publicity. We hope to shorten the distance with friends from domestic and foreign countries and consumers and present Power Diversity to the world and let Power Diversity move towards the world by the launch of our website.

      Once you cooperate with Power Diversity, we will be friends forever. We sincerely hope that we could work together with all social circles. The company welcomes man of insight to join us to plough the waves and sail the ocean on the road of enterprise’s development and draw a much more grand and beautiful blueprint together.

      Qinghua Pang