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      Employee Training
      The company attaches importance to talents cultivation work, respect the objective laws of talents growth and strive to construct human-oriented growth environment for the employees. The company pays much attention to human resources development and considers the promotion of cadre employees’ quality as important development strategy. The company strives to create learning-type enterprise and always insists on the principle of combination of “factual, practical and substantial” and “going out and inviting to come” and diligently advances launch of various trainings and recurrent education. The company considers the provision of training opportunities for employees as its compulsory obligation and supplies various trainings beneficial for the employees’ development which could meet the demand of current position and future work.


      Training Objectives
      ☆Establish win-win training system.
      ☆Improve the integrity quality of the staff team.
      ☆Promote the complete management ability and level of the company.
      ☆Build the company into a learning-type organization.
      ☆Make contributions to realize company’s strategic objectives.


      Training Level
      ☆Solve employees’ thought problem (Training based on the realization of enterprise’s expectation and strategy).
      ☆Solve employees’ capability problem (Training based on the promotion of employee’s competence for the post).
      ☆Solve employees’ achievement problem (Training based on the promotion of employee’s achievement objectives).


      Training News
      Recently, the “First Stage Reserve Cadres Training of Power Diversity Group” organized by the Human Resource Dept. is completed successfully in the group training center.
      The group corporation leaders attach much importance to the training. Li Xinmin, the general manager assistant and other leaders take part in the training mobilization meeting on the first day. In the meeting, Li Xinmin, the general manager assistant makes training mobilization. The 25 trainees attended the training are selected strictly through five steps by the Human Resources Dept. During the training, the Human Resources Dept. sends out 175 sets of study documents. The training is held in the training center in all-closed form. The training teacher combines the lessons together and teaches seven professional courses including financing and business which have close relationship with operation and management affairs systematically replying on his advanced special knowledge and practical experiences for many years. Therefore, the training improves the trainees’ comprehensive quality in all-around way.