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      I. Enterprise Spirit of Power Diversity Group
      “Diligence, Strictness, Struggle and High Efficiency”
      Diligence: Its original meaning is painstaking and diligent. Here means every Power Diversity person should be diligent, hardworking and thrifty during work.
      Honesty: Its original meaning is honest, true, actual, well-knit, not false and not vacuous. Here means every Power Diversity person should be seeking for truth, nameless and well-knit during work.
      Strictness: Its original meaning is rigor, precise, strict and severe. Here means every Power Diversity person should strictly enforce orders and prohibitions and fulfill enforcement force strictly during work.
      Faith: Its original meaning is integrity, credit, confidence and belief. Here means every Power Diversity person should be honest, hold their belief, pursue excellence and never give up during work.
      Struggle: Its original meaning is striving for success during the competition bravely. Here means every Power Diversity person should struggle, overcome all the difficulties and never give up until achieving the goal during work.
      High Efficiency: Here means every Power Diversity person should do well with every work and achieve high efficiency and high benefits during work. It also includes making full use of enterprise asset and capital and winning high efficiency and high benefits.


      II. Definition of Power Diversity Group Logo
      1. Logo Definition: Immense vital force and premium quality. The logo core is the superposed combination of letter “P” and “D” which is the acronym of Power Diversity’s Chinese phonetic spelling and English name. The red section on the left top corner represents passion and warmth which embodies service-type enterprise’s promises to the market and customers. The middle arc design is the connection of letter “P” and “D” which also symbolizes horizon with refulgence occurrence when the sun rises. It means the enterprise’s immense vigor in the future. At the same time, it is an important embodiment of enterprise’s core spirit. The rest part with metal sensed platinum color indicates enterprise’s premium quality and modern image and represents strength and liability. The cross curve in the middle of the logo divides the entire design into different geometrical combinations which shows the enterprise’s plentiful sincere emotion to attract and accept diversity. Meanwhile, the arranging combination of round outside and square inside in integer uses the shape of Chinese traditional coin. It brings Chinese traditional culture factor at the same time of meaning the subject of wealth.
      2. Standard Color: The major color of the logo adopts Chinese red and super metal grey. Chinese red: It represents enthusiasm, passion, boldness and vigorous vital force which strengthens enterprise’s image affinity and brings fierce visual impact. The color complies with the enterprise’s brand orientation of vigor, strength innovation and development. Super Metal Grey: Grey with former rhythm aesthetic feeling changes gradually which brings people elegant breath of steady and fashion and represents the vision of technological future.
      3. Standard Character: In order to comply with the design thought of logo and the Logo with round heaven and square earth image, the top left corner is square and the rest is round. It is same with character. Take the example of character “Mao” and “Gu”, the left top corner is square and the right top corner is round. The character indicates the company’s concept perfectly from details. And combination of the character and Logo is like an integrity and very harmonious and beautiful.


      III. Operation Tenet of Power Diversity Group
      Operation with Integrity; Customer First; All is for the sake of customer and for everything of the customer. Build “Power Diversity” brand elaborately.


      IV. Service Concept of Power Diversity Group
      “Three Service (3S)” means service with smile, standing service and running service. Smile is the expression language to indicate love, honesty and friendliness. Standing is the gesture language to show respect, integrity and honesty. Running is the behavior language to represent rapidness, agility and high efficiency. “3S” concept greatly represents Power Diversity people’s gracious moral sentiment and earthy behavior quality from these three aspects and is the code of conduct to guide the company staff. The service standard of “3S” is to win customer’s permanent trust.


      V. Advertising Slogan of Power Diversity Group
      “Please come to Power Diversity and select your satisfied car.”
      “Once you cooperate with Power Diversity, we will be friends forever.”